At InnoPro, we are specialists in performance management, strategy development and strategic communication and our business philosophy is that long-term client-provider relationships provide the most satisfying way of working. 


We offer a full range of Strategic Planning and Consulting Services from creating a custom Strategic Plan to communication needs.

We've developed a proven step-by-step process that is tailored to guide our business clients from the strategic envisioning and inception stage to the day to day practical implementation of the tactics necessary to create and build their desired Strategic Plan.

We act as a personal Project Manager and Consultant when we work with our clients to design, develop and implement a plan that is comprehensive and will produce their targeted business results and goals 

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Michelle Murphy 

Founder & President 

InnoPro Performance Solutions 

2100 4th Street, Suite 271
San Rafael, CA 94901


Our role consists of helping our clients to gather, analyze and organize information and then present it in a compelling and cohesive manner.

Our company involves itself with helping a corporation or executive design a path to growth and profitability amidst competition and constant change. 

Productivity through innovation

For over 20 years Michelle Murphy and her team of consultants have been focused on helping organizations build stronger more resilient businesses through the effective development and communication of practical ‘real world’ strategy.

Michelle Murphy is an experienced facilitator with expertise in strategic planning, team building and facilitating problem solving/improvement initiatives. She is well known for her business acumen, and she derives tremendous satisfaction from “engaging” an audience with her knowledge, her wit and her wisdom. Michelle encourages full participation, mutual understanding and guides teams to build inclusive, sustainable agreements. She specializes in delivering customized retreats, seminars and workshop presentations that are highly interactive with plenty of group involvement.

Introducing: Michelle Murphy

Michelle’s background in the public and private sector is very broad, from working with some of the largest Hi-Tech companies in the world, to Cities, Counties as well as Not-For-Profit Organizations. She is past president of the National Speakers Association’s largest chapter based in San Francisco and has served at the national level as a member of the associations Strategic Planning Committee. She is president and founder of InnoPro Performance Solutions.

“Thank you for facilitating the Long-Range Planning Workshop. It was a pleasure to have you as facilitator again this year. Your hard work and planning is greatly appreciated. Your ability to keep us focused, on point and on schedule resulted in a very successful planning workshop.” – President, Board of Directors

“You were fabulous! You had everyone’s attention from the moment you started. I’ve been attending seminars such as this for over 20 years and have never been as impressed with a speaker as I was with you. Michelle rocks!!!” – VP, Operations

“Thank you for your help and guidance in preparing for the conference. I applied the ideas we discussed and my session seemed to go well – I received an endless stream of compliments on Tuesday and Wednesday – and I’ve been asked to speak again at future conferences. I’m sure my Pygmalion-like transformation was not only the most pronounced ever to result from one of your classes, but most likely ever in the history of the world. I look forward to working with you again prior to the next event.” – Vice President, Technology Company